Mr. Olivier Boonjing and his film Somewhere between here and now
Buddhist ceremony to bless the new Embassy building and ASEAN informal Luncheon

Exhibition Permanent Flux

Takerng Pattanopas, a Thai artist, opened his exhibition ?Permanent Flux? on 6 November 2009 at the GMT+7 Art & Design Gallery ( in Brussels. Ambassador Pisan Manawapat attended the opening of the exhibition.

Permanent Flux showcases Pattanopas? recent sculptures with a selection of pieces that, over decade ago, began his explorations of the use of illusive space as a means of representing the human body. His works suggest a concern with generating a sense of the human body in flux; a concern that links with the Buddhist notions of impermanence while acting directly on the viewers senses.

Permanent Flux opens to the public until 15 December 2009.
Takerng Pattanopas is both an artist and academic, and currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He exhibits and publishes internationally and his recent exhibitions have been reviewed in Flash Art and