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Belgium Royal Decoration bestowed on departing Thai Ambassador

Please see or call 0473 11 92 41 for more information. On 21 February, Ambassador Pisan Manawapat and his wife, Wanchana, were granted a farewell audience with His Majesty King Albert II, the King of the Belgians, at Chateau de Laeken on the occasion of his completion of 4 year tenure as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium.
Royal Decoration of Grand-Croix de l’Ordre de la Couronne was graciously bestowed on him by HM the King on this occasion and a portrait of Their Majesties to Mrs. Wanchana.
Ambassador Pisan and his wife expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty King Albert II. He is scheduled to depart for New Delhi on 22 March 2011.