Political Situation in Thailand discussed in Team Thailand Plus Meeting
Belgium Royal Decoration bestowed on departing Thai Ambassador

Help the elderly/victims of Tsunami in Thailand with T.A.P.A.T.

Founder and President of a.s.b.l. T.A.P.A.T., Mrs.  France M?lin called on Ambassador Pisan Manawapat on 7 October 2010. The brief story of T.A.P.A.T. started with her trip to the South of Thailand a few years ago.  Thai people and their ways of living have made a good impression and a genuine appreciation.

      After the tragic Tsunami, Khun France kind-heartedly thought and realized that there would have been a lot more older people in Thailand falling victims as a result of the tragedy.  She  decided setting up an organization with only one clear objective, helping the elderly in Thailand, who have lost their children from Tsunami.This year, T.A.P.A.T. will organize a fund-raising charity event on Saturday 23 October from 11-16 hrs at Jardins de Fontenay, Rue des Champs 67, 1040 Etterbeek.  This event has been supported by the city of Etterbeek, BNP Paribas, Thai Dhammaram Buddhist Temple, various
Thai entrepreneurs who own Thai Spa, restaurant, music band and the Royal Thai Embassy.

Ambassador Pisan and Consul Akrapong expressed the gratitude and appreciation.  On the occasion, Khun Pisan presented Khun France the token of the Thai Embassy and 70 Thai northern styled umbrellas, adding a little more ?Thainess? to the event.  Khun Francepresented poster of the event.

Please see www.tapat.be or call 0473 11 92 41 for more information.