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Political Situation in Thailand discussed in Team Thailand Plus Meeting

On 7 May 2010, Ambassador Pisan Manawapat, Head of Thai Mission to the EU, together with his Team Thailand in Brussels, convened a special meeting with Thailand’s honorary consuls in Belgium, heads of BOI, TAT, Export Promotion and Industry Office in Frankfurt, Paris, the

Hague and Vienna, as well as friends of Thailand, to inform them of the latest political development in Bangkok and map out

strategy to help Thailand on tourism, export and investment promotion.

Ambassador Pisan updated the meeting with the latest initiative on PM’s 5 Point Road Map.  He highlighted some aspects out of the current political standoff between the Red Shirted protesters and the Government as follows:

( 1 )  Political rallies in recent past have been largely peaceful.  Only when peace was broken, Thailand was put on the international news.  While the current situation in and around protest areas cannot be said to be entirely safe for tourists or onlookers, the rest of Bangkok and Thailand is hardly affected.  Hence, some government’s travel advisory was clearly exaggerated when it advised its citizens to postpone travel to the entire country.

   ( 2 )  Security forces have been better trained, better equipped, under strict and transparent rule of engagement and consistent with international standard.  Military chief emphasizes no use of live bullet against unarmed
protesters.( 3 )  Tourists or foreigners have never been target of attack by protesters of any colour.  There has not been any report of looting or robbery as protest leaders know that this would be counter productive.  It is also clear that the public rejects use of violence.

( 4 )  Standoff is Thailand’s internal affairs, part of process of democratic development.  There is no need for the mediating role by outsider.

Heads of BOI in Frankfurt, Export Promotion Office in the Hague and TAT in Paris took turn to brief the meeting on their respective strategies to promote investment, export and revitalize tourism.
Mr Jocelyn Timmermans, Mr. Karl LAUWERS, Mr. Gerard Caestecker,  Dr. Walther HOLVOET, Mr. Wouter GIJS, Mr. Boonthong KORMONGKOLKUL and Mrs. Supannee Boontuk participated actively in giving their useful views and were optimistic for the positive outcome of the current situation.  The discussion followed over lunch which was held in the Embassy Club of the new Embassy building.