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Prime Minister highlights measures to prevent and suppress human trafficking

ภาพรายการคืนความสุข 23 มค 58

English Subtitle of PM Weekly Televised Address on January 23, 2015

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The first topic, human trafficking and the resolution of the problem in the fisheries sector, involves international regulations such as tiers and the IUU. The subcommittee of women-related affairs in prevention and suppression of human trafficking has designed an additional 3 urgent measures. These include the revision of various MOUs relating to children and women, the tightening of oversight on service businesses in 30 risk provinces, and stringent interception of human trafficking along borders and enforcement of law. Business operators, customers and officials involved in such illegalities will be prosecuted. Another 70 females interrogators and 110 interpreters will compliment the interrogation, filtering and rehabilitation of victims. Officials are being trained up to standard so they may staff the eight sites being prepared for accommodating human trafficking victims. Recently, the DSI was able to arrest two human traffickers who were involved in deceiving Thai adults and minors into  working in fishing vessels in Indonesian waters. Additional arrest warrants have been issued in 4 cases. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security is sending documents to international organizations explaining the progress in combating human trafficking. Work is underway to register all fishing vessels in the 23 coastal provinces. Correct fishing permits will have to be issued. So far, 46,467 fishing vessels have been registered. In Chonburi province, official will visit 13 piers and docks to quickly finish the registration of the fishing vessels. In fact, there are many more fishing vessels. However, these may not yet be registered because of incompliance with the law. Improvements have to be made to the quality of the vessels and the appropriateness of fishing equipment.

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