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Opening Remarks at Thailand’s efforts in Combating IUU Fishing and Human Trafficking – Seafood Expo Global 2015

Pointers for H.E. Ambassador Nopadol Gunavibool’s Opening Remarks at

 “Thailand’s efforts in Combating IUU Fishing and Human Trafficking”

April 21st, 2015, at 15.30 – 18.00 hrs., Seafood Expo Global 2015, Brussels

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–          Welcome all distinguished guests to the seminar.

–          Thank the Department of Fisheries and the Thai Fishery Producers Coalition for co-organizing this seminar on “Thailand’s efforts in Combating IUU Fishing and Human Trafficking” to be another platform to provide facts and updates on this issue to the European community, in addition to those news reported and reposted by medias.

–          On IUU, Thailand shares the EU’s concern in combating and preventing IUU fishing and labour problems in the fishery sector, which are a common challenge for the international community.

–          Thailand has never retreated from our strong commitment and full cooperation with all stakeholders both domestic and international levels in combating IUU fishing.  We are committed to promoting sustainable long-term use of living marine resources.

–          On human trafficking, on 3 April 2015 the Prime Minister of Thailand announced that the prevention and suppression of human trafficking is a National Agenda for Thailand, and all agencies concerned must spare no efforts in carrying out their respective duties in order to seriously resolve this problem in an accountable and integrated manner.

–          With such announcement, the Government gives utmost importance to combating human trafficking and in bringing the perpetrators to justice to the fullest extent of the law.

–          Thailand has cooperated with all stakeholders, private sector, civil society, NGOs and international organizations, and the media in eliminating illegal fishing and suppressing human trafficking.

–          The speakers on this panels can tell you significant achievements that have been made.  It is also good opportunity for you to ask them questions that you might have in mind.  They are those who are really working in the fields to tackle the problems.

–          We welcome further Thai-EU cooperation in combating IUU and other related matters, especially in sustainable fishing, labour issues and cooperate social responsibility.

–           Thank you.