Thai Stop IUU Fishing
the 12th meeting of Command Center to Combat Illegal Fishing (CCCIF)

A ban on the use of four destructive fishing tools

Panya Thiosangwan

The Nation July 17, 2015 1:00 am

The Command Centre for Combating Illegal Fishing on Thursday resolved to cancel the use of four fishing tools deemed destructive to the environment and extend the operations of the sector’s one-stop service units until July 24, CCCIF chairman and Navy commander Adm Kraisorn Chansuvanich said.

The CCCIF attended the meeting with relevant agencies at Royal Thai Navy headquarters in Bangkok to follow up on the progress of problem-solving measures in accordance with issues raised by the European Union’s inspection team.

The four banned fishing tools are push nets (except those used to hunt opossum shrimp); “Ai Ngo” traps; the generator-powered anchovy purse seine; and “Pong Pang” stow nets.

At the centre’s next meeting, the Fishery Department is expected to present a new criteria for the number and size of fishing tools allowed for each type of fishing boat, while the centre’s secretary office is slated to present a clear zoning plan for traditional fishing boats and commercial ones.