A ban on the use of four destructive fishing tools
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the 12th meeting of Command Center to Combat Illegal Fishing (CCCIF)

On 22 July 2015, CCCIF held the 12th meeting and the following resolution were released.

1. Every IUU Fishing related agencies will raise the involved problems to extend their practices for more rapid solution. The main responsible agencies are CCCIF, DOF, Marine Department, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources,………..

2. Every IUU Fishing related agencies will solve the problem and gather all results and report to CCCIF and DOF to continually report to DG MARE of the actions.

3. DOF will calculate MSY and present it to the next meeting including the preparation of the relieve plan in the condition of reducing the number of fishing vessels.

4. DOF will cooperate with every Fisheries Associations to accelerate the public hearing on the specification of the size, number of equipment, and appropriate fishing zones which will be presented to the meeting for consideration by 7th August 2015.

5. The meeting decided to allow the push net fishing vessels with fishing licenses to be in used until 7th August 2015 and the DOF will provide them the relieve plan.

6. The Legal Division, CCCIF will issue the announcement for the extension of the cod’end net size to 5 centimeters.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/thaistopiuufishing