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Thailand Reaffirms Its Continued Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has reaffirmed that Thailand would continue to combat human trafficking more seriously. And as Chair of ASEAN next year, it would push for greater efforts to tackle this problem at the regional level.
The Prime Minister touched on the issue of anti-human trafficking after the United States Department of State had released the 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, which upgrades Thailand from the Tier 2 Watch List to Tier 2.
The report was released on 28 June 2018 at 2:00 p.m., Washington, D.C., time. This improved placement of Thailand in Tier 2 reflects the United States’ due recognition of the Thai government’s serious and sustained efforts, as well as significant progress in combating all forms of human trafficking during the past year.
As Thailand had made significant progress in tackling trafficking in persons, it was upgraded from Tier 3 to the Tier 2 Watch List in the 2016 TIP Report. In 2017, Thailand was placed on the Tier 2 Watch List, the same ranking as in 2016.
Referring to the 2018 TIP Report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand stated that Thailand’s key achievements covered various areas, from law enforcement and prosecution of wrongdoers, to victim protection and care, and the prevention of vulnerable populations from falling prey to human trafficking.
Thailand remains deeply engaged in strengthening cooperation and partnership with all stakeholders in a whole-of-society approach. It will continue to work closely with concerned international organizations and various countries, including the United States, in its ongoing attempt to end trafficking in persons. Thailand also aims to protect both Thais and foreigners in the Kingdom from the menace of human trafficking.
Meanwhile, Minister of Social Development and Human Security General Anantaporn Karnjanarat said that the ministry and other relevant agencies would continue to build the capacity of anti-human trafficking operators at all levels in order to enhance their efficiency in fighting this problem.
The Government has recognized the cruelty of human trafficking as a grave violation of human rights. In 2015, it declared the prevention and suppression of human trafficking as part of the national agenda.

Source: Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department, Office of the Prime Minister  :