Thai Ambassador hosted ABC Working Lunch with EU senior executives
Ambassador of Thailand hosted a dinner in honour of Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University

Director-General of Department of Protocol paid a study visit to Belgium

On 7-9 August 2018, Mr. Nadhavathna KrishnamraDirector-General of Department of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, led a delegation from the Department of Protocol to pay a study visit to Belgium to learn the experiences and best practices of Belgium in protocol. He met with Ambassador Francoise Gustin, Chief of Protocol of Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs of Belgium and exchanged views and shared experiences on protocol. He also reiterated with her about the long standing relationship between Thailand and Belgium as this year both countries celebrate the auspicious occasion of 150th Anniversary of the signing of Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Thailand and Belgium and extended her an invitation to visit Thailand. Director-General of Department of Protocol visited Palais d’Egmont, which is the venue where Belgium received foreign leaders. He also received briefing from the Protocol Department of the Council of the European Union regarding the overview of how they receive EU leaders who attend meetings in Brussels and the preparation for the ASEM Summit in October this year as well as visited the venue for the ASEM Summit such as the Europa Building. During his visit to Belgium, he and the delegation also visited the important venues used for receiving Heads of States and Heads of Governments such as the Royal Palace of Brussels, the Royal Museum of Art and History, which will be the venue for the gala dinner for ASEM leaders during ASEM Summit, and the VIP lounges (both for special flights and commercial flights) at Brussels International Airport.