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Pracharat Markets to Be Developed as Central Markets for Farm Products

Pracharat markets have played a role in stimulating the local economy. The Ministry of Interior will proceed with its plan to develop Pracharat markets into central markets for agricultural products.

The Government launched the Pracharat market project on 5 December 2017. The project has been carried out under the concept of public-private-people partnership, which calls on all sectors of society to join hands in strengthening the country.

It is intended to provide marketing channels that enable farmers, small-scale producers, and new vendors to sell their products directly to customers. Deputy Permanent Secretary for Interior Nisit Jansomwong, in his capacity as the Ministry of Interior’s Spokesman, said that, over the past nine months, the Ministry of Interior has joined various agencies in arranging 10 categories of Pracharat markets, which have created jobs, provided opportunities, and generated income for farmers and low-income earners.

During the period, 6,610 Pracharat markets have opened across the country, and they currently accommodate 96,246 entrepreneurs. A total of 51 provinces have already allocated sales space for entrepreneurs wanting to operate under this project.

Mr. Nisit said that these markets had so far recorded sales worth more than 1.2 billion baht, and vendors have also earned more income. The Ministry of Interior has been working with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in upgrading Pracharat markets in various provinces into tourist attractions, or “must-see markets.”

In so doing, 171 Pracharat markets with great potential have been selected and included in the calendar of “Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018.” The Ministry of Interior has cooperated with other agencies in encouraging farmers to sell their products, especially organic goods, such as rice and vegetables, at the participating markets in this project.

In the next step, the Ministry of Interior and other agencies will join hands in expanding Pracharat markets in the form of “central markets for agricultural products.” Pracharat markets with “best practice” will be selected as model markets, as well.

The selection is based on several aspects, such as cleanliness, safety standards, tourism promotion services, and safe agricultural products.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT) National News Bureau & Public Relations : http://thainews.prd.go.th