Announcement: Thai passport fee revision (11 March 2021)
Announcement: Termination of honorary consular officers’ authority for visa and legalisation

Information for Thai nationals traveling to Thailand

Information for Thai nationals traveling to Thailand

*** From 1 November 2021 onwards, all travellers arriving in Thailand by air are required to register for Thailand Pass  ( The approval process takes at least 7 working days. Therefore, travellers are required to submit their registration at least  7 days before the intended departure date.  If you do not receive the TP QR code by 7 days, please see the information below. Please also be noted that each application may take the processing time differently, depending on the quality and correctness of the files and documents.

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Thailand Pass will be closed for all new Test and Go and Sandbox applications (except Phuket Sandbox), starting from 00.00 hrs. on 22 December 2021 until further notice.

🔺 New measures apply for all applicants on Thailand Pass, as follows; 🔺

1️⃣ Applicants who have received their Thailand Pass QR Code can enter Thailand under the scheme and on the date they have registered for , remaining until further notice.

2️⃣ Applicants who have registered, but have not received their QR Code must wait for their Thailand Pass to be considered / approved. Once approved, they can enter Thailand under the scheme they have registered.

3️⃣ New applicants will not be able to register for Test and Go and Sandbox measures (except Phuket Sandbox). Thailand Pass will only accept new applicants seeking to enter Thailand under Alternative Quarantine (AQ) or Phuket Sandbox only.

4️⃣ Passengers who will arrive in Thailand under Test and Go  Programme must undergo their 2nd COVID-19 test using the RT-PCR technique (not ATK self-test) at government-designated facilities (no additional cost).

Thailand Pass FAQ :  

***If your Thailand Pass has been rejected, and you wish to submit additional required documents, please send an email that includes your name-surname, passport number, and registration code as well as  correct required documents attached ( in English) to or and also CC

  • Travellers who have been fully vaccinated and been residing in the eligible countries for at least 21 consecutive days 

    ***Temporarily suspended

    • Exemption from Quarantine or “Test & Go” (1 night) Click here

  • Travellers who have been fully vaccinated and chosen to travel to Phuket ( without quarantine)

    • Sandbox Programme (7 nights)   Click here  * Temporarily reserved for Phuket only

  • Travellers who have been fully vaccinated ( 7 night-quarantine) and who have not been fully vaccinated (10 night-quarantine)