Thai passport application


Sandbox Programme

*** From 1 November 2021 onwards, all travellers arriving in Thailand by air are required to register for Thailand Pass  ( The approval process takes at least 7 working days. Therefore, travellers are required to submit their registration at least  7 days before the intended departure date.

*** The Thailand Pass is not a replacement of a visa.  If a visa is required, travellers must ensure that they have obtained an appropriate visa before travelling. Visa application process can take up to 4 weeks. For more information, please see .


Thailand Pass FAQ : 

Travellers may  read useful information on

  • Thailand Pass FAQ : 
  • ***Tips for TP registration
    • register with a computer or a laptop on Google Chrome browser
    • register with gmail ( avoid registering with emails from hotmail and yahoo because the system has not yet supported)
    • Upload your files in JPEG JPG and PNG formats ( PDF is not yet supported). Applicants could try using to convert the file from PDF to JPG.
    • Upload a full page of EU digital COVID Certificates in the Covid Vaccination Certificate section required.
    • Upload a cropped QR code from EU digital COVID certificate, not that of ( If the system can read your QR codes, your TP will be issued automatically the next day; otherwise, you have to expect the manual verification by the officers in Thailand which can take some time.
    • Upload a proof of fully paid AQ/SHA+ in a format of a confirmation letter. If the reservation is not directly done with the hotel but rather with online platform, please contact the hotel to obtain such a letter. Each letter contains different reservation reference number.
    • Insert a space between the first two letters of your passport number and the rest of the number such as EP123456. Please register as EP (tab a space bar 1 time ) 1234567  if the system mentions API server error.
    • In case that you are leaving for Thailand for good, please insert  999 in Length of Stay (Day).

What is Sandbox?

    • Sandbox Programme is a tourism-promotion scheme that allows fully vaccinated travellers from countries other than the 21 listed countries to enter Sanbox areas without quarantine ( but travel limited within the same Sandbox area), subject to conditions below.
      • Sandbox areas
        1. Bangkok*  *temporarily suspended
        2. Samut Prakarn ( Suvarnnabhumi Airport area only) *temporarily suspended
        3. Chonburi ( Pattaya City, Bang la-mung, Sriracha, SriChang island, Na Jomtien and Bang Sare in Sattahip) * 
        4. Rayong ( Koh Samet)*temporarily suspended
        5. Trat (Koh Chang)
        6. Prachuap Khiri Khan ( Huahin and Nong Kae)*temporarily suspended
        7. Petchaburi ( Cha-am)*temporarily suspended
        8. Phuket *
        9. Krabi *
        10. Phang-Nga *
        11. Ranong ( Koh Phayam)*temporarily suspended
        12. Surat Thani ( Koh Samui, Koh Pha-ngan and Koh Tao) *
        13. Burirum ( Burirum City) *temporarily suspended
        14. Nong Khai ( Nong Khai City, Sangkhom, Sri Chiang Mai, and Tha bo) *temporarily suspended
        15. Udonthani ( Udonthani City, Baan Dung, Kumphawapi, Na Yung, Nong Han, and Prachaksinlapakhom) *temporarily suspended
        16. Loei ( Chiang Khan) *temporarily suspended
        17. Chiang Mai ( Chiang Mai City, Doi Tao, Mae Rim, and Mae Taeng) ** arrival at international airports *temporarily suspended

Step 1 : Before departure date

  1. Eligible travellers

    • Travellers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by World Health Organization (WHO) or Ministry of Public Health of Thailand no less than 14 days before departure.
      • Coronavac (Sinovac), Sinopharm or COVILO, AstraZeneca or Covishield,  Pfizer-BioNTech or Comirnaty, Janssen ( Johnson & Johnson), Moderna, and Sputnik V
    • Travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 infection and have received one dose of the approved vaccines within 3 months after the infection no less than 14 days before departure. [ A recovery certificate is required].  Travellers having received both doses prior to infection are considered as fully vaccinated.
    • Unvaccinated children aged below 18 years old, travelling with parents or guardian, may enter Thailand under the same conditions a their parents. The child’s birth certificate or letter of consent from parents may be required as a proof of relationship/guardianship.
  2.  Thailand Pass registration


      • A copy of passport valid more than 6 months
      • Medical insurance which covers treatment and medical expenses with a minimum coverage of equivalent to 20,000 USD.
      • Flight ticket 
        •  Travellers must arrive in the Sandbox areas through :
        •  Chonburi : Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang Airports 
        • Andaman ( Phuket, Krabi, and Phang-nga) Sandbox : Phuket Airport ( direct flights from outside Thailand to Phuket, charted flights that stop over in Bangkok without transit before flying to Phuket (Disembarking the plane for domestic transit is not allowed), or dedicated transit flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport such as BKK-HKT (PG5275 and PG5279) contact or and TG2750  or WE8750 operated by Thai Smile-Thai airways  +Airport pick-up sealed route ( from airport to the hotel) must be arranged by the SHA+ hotel for the first night.
          •   The Embassy highly recommends travellers to enter Phuket with a direct flight from other countries because domestic transfer flights for travellers from abroad are not confirmed and can be cancelled any time. ( Domestic flights for passengers from abroad and those for domestic passengers are operated separately due to sanitary reasons)
        • Surat Thani ( Koh Samui, Koh Pha-ngan, Koh Tao) : direct flight to Samui Airport or transfer in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi airport which the luggage must be checked through. Please consult flight schedule ( The autorised flight number is PG51XX)
        • Chaing Mai ( To be updated) *temporarily suspended
        • U-Tapao Airport ( To be updated) *temporarily suspended
        • Buriram ( To be updated) *temporarily suspended
      • SHA+  hotel confirmation for at least 7 night
        •  a SHA+  hotel confirmation for at least 7 nights / certificate
          • Travellers must contact the hotel directly to communicate their arrival date, obtain a SHA+ booking confirmation certificate, and time for airport pick-up transport and then wait in the hotel until they receive a negative (non-detected) test result before leaving the hotel
          • Airport pick-up sealed route ( from airport to the hotel) must be arranged by the SHA+ hotel for the first night.
          • For hotel information, please see, , or (These hotels are not quarantine hotels. You can still leave your room to travel in the Sandbox areas)
        • Travellers who intend to stay with a friend or family in Thailand during the Sandbox period may inform the SHA+ hotel about the guest details in advance.
        • Must stay at the same hotel for the entire Sandbox period in only one of the Provinces for at least 7 days. 
          • ***Except Andaman ( Phuket, Krabi, and Phang-nga) Sandbox : Tavellers can change as many hotels as they wish during the period of 7-day stay on the condition that they are in the same Province
            • *** Travellers can travel across Phuket, Krabi and Phang-nga for a tourism purpose but must return to stay at their hotel in the particular Province of their choice.
          • ***Except Surat Thani Sandbox:  Tavellers can change the hotels up to 3 hotels during the entire period of 7-day stay
            • Day 0-1 : must stay at a SHA+ hotel in Samui only.
            • Day 2-7 : Travellers can travel to and stay in Koh Pha-ngan and Koh Tao.
          • PCR test negative result issued no more than 72 hours before check-in for the flight to Thailand
          • Upon arrival in Thailand
            • 1st : The first COVID-19 test using a RT-PCR method will be taken on the day of arrival at traveller’s expense included in hotel reservation, except the case of  those arriving in Phuket, Krabi, and Phang-Nga
            • 2nd : The second COVID test using an Antigen Self-test kit must be done on DAY 5/6 , and the result must be reported on the Mor Chana application.
          • ***All hotels include the PCR-test package and Antigen self-test kit, except those in Andaman areas ( Phuket, Krabi and Phang-nga). Travellers arriving in those areas must book a PCR-test appointment and purchase an Antigen test kit via 
      • Vaccination certificate 
        • EU digital COVID-19 Certificates for both doses [except Janssen (Johnson and Johnson)] [Full pages clearly indicating details of names, vaccine names, and date of vaccination] or Local vaccination card or card from a vaccine company that clearly indicate details of names, vaccine names, and date of vaccination for both doses [except Janssen]
        • EU recovery certificate/ Medical certificate confirming  COVID-19 infection record  and  EU digital COVID-19 Certificate for one dose
        • ***Please be noted that the proof of vaccination is verified by the Public Health officers in Thailand

Within 72 hours before departure

  •  COVID-19 RT-PCR test
    • negative (non-detected) test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure. The method of RT-PCR test is not limited to swabbing but also includes, for example, saliva collection. ( This includes the case of children; however, the doctor may use saliva collection as a method for the RT-PCR test.)
    • or ( in the case that travellers has been infected with COVID-19 and the PCR test result is positive) a recovery certificate such as EU digital COVID/ Recovery Certificate or the certificate issued by a doctor certifying that travellers has been infected with COVID-19 and fully recovered at least 14 days but no more than 90 days can also be presented with the Positive PCR test result to enter Thailand.
    • ***However, please directly contact the air operators about their required documents/tests for boarding because each airline may have different internal policies.

Step 2 : Arriving in Thailand

  1. Required documents

    • QR code issued by the Thailand Pass which is valid 72 hours from your registered date of departure.
    • printed Vaccination/recovery certificates
    • printed SHA+ hotel confirmation
    • printed PCR test reservations
  2. COVID-19 RT-PCR test 

    • Upon entry, travellers will have to undergo TWO COVID-19 tests at their own expenses at different times:
      – 1st PCR test upon arrival at the Airport.
      – 2nd Test using an Antigen self-test kit on 5/6th day
    • All travellers must undergo the tests despite possessing the COVID-19 recovery certificate
    • PCR test reservation:
      • For Andaman Sandbox ( Phuket, Krabi, and Phang-nga), please make a reservation on . For further enquiry or questions regarding the PCR test reservation, contact .
      • Included in hotel reservation package for other sandbox areas ( twice PCR tests must be mentioned in a proof of SHA+ hotel confirmation as well as airport transfer)
    • Travellers may travel freely in the Sandbox area if the RT-PCR test conducted on the day of arrival is negative. However, they can only stay in the province where the hotel is located, travelling across different Sandbox areas is not permitted. Once travellers have completed 7 days at the SHA+ hotel in the Sandbox area, they can travel to any destination in Thailand.
  3. Journey-tracing application

    • Travellers must install and use journey-tracing application Mor Cha-na as prescribed by the Thai Government.


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