Power of Attorney
Certificate of National Custom/ Certificat de coutume/Akte van gewoonterecht

Certificate of Nationality

Certificate of Nationality

Please prepare the following documents:

  1. Thai ID card and 1 copy (certified “True Copy” and signed)
  2. Thai passport and 1 copy (certified “True Copy” and signed)
  3. Fee 15 euros per document or stamp (please prepare exact amount in cash)
  4. ***In case of submission on behalf of a Thai national who wishes to request such documents, please prepare additional documents as followed: ***
    • Power of Attorney (in Thai) duly filled in by the grantor which expressly indicates the purpose of your request (specify the type of document), the names of both the grantor and the authorised person as well as the grantor’s signature.
    • 1 copy of the authorised person’s ID card ( certified “True Copy” and signature)

Processing time: 3-7 days

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