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Military Draft Deferment

Registrant Enrollment and Military Draft Deferment for Thai students who are studying abroad (Belgium and Luxembourg)

Every Thai male citizens is required by law to join military draft when;

  1. Turning 18 years old, one has to enroll for registered status by presenting birth certificate or Thai identity card and a copy of Thai House Registration document to local Registrar (Military Personnel Recruitment) in person. If one cannot present the documents by oneself, authorization can be passed to someone who is of a legal age (over 20 years old) to enroll on one’s behalf. If one failed to enroll or no authorized person enrolled on his behalf, one will be regarded as violating the Registrant Enrollment.
  2. Completing 21 years old, one has to join military draft locally, where one is registered to according to House Registration document. For Thai male citizens who are studying in Belgium or Luxembourg can apply for Military Draft Deferment by presenting these documents;
    • 1. A letter from the university/educational institution confirming enrollment stating;
      • 1.1. Name and surname of student
      • 1.2. Field of study (current status/major/faculty/university/country)
      • 1.3. Dates enrolled and expected graduation date
      • 1.4. Length of study program (provide proof from university/educational institution)
      • 1.5. The original letter from the university/educational institution must be officially certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium/Luxembourg.
      • 1.6. A letter from the university/educational institution must be translated into Thai language and signed to acknowledge that translation is accurate. (students can translate and sign by themselves)
    • 2. A copy of the Certificate of Registrant (Sor Dor 9) and a copy of Military Summon Letter (Sor Dor 35) (if there is one)
    • 3. A copy of Thai House Registration document
    • 4. A copy of Thai Identity Card (if there is one)
    • 5. A copy of Thai Passport
    • 6. Certificate issued by Royal Thai Embassy Brussels; obtain by submitting the request at Royal Thai Embassy Brussels in person with documents in 2.1, 2.4 and 2.5.
    • 7. Prepare all the documents listed above (2.1 to 2.6) and submit to local Registrar or authorize someone who is of a legal age to submit on one’s behalf.
  3. After graduation, one has to join the first available military draft.
  4. For more information please contact: Office of the Defence Attaché 8 Rue Greuze 75116 Paris, France Tel. (33-1) 56 26 07 30 Fax. (33-1) 56 26 04 51