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Thai Identity Card renewal

This service is reserved only for Thai nationals residing in Belgium and Luxembourg whose Thai ID card will expire in less than 60 days, has expired, has been damaged, or has been lost. Applicant must be present at the Embassy with a prior appointment for the renewal. The required documents are to be prepared as follows:

  1. A duly completed ID card request form Click here
  2. A current Thai ID card+ a copy (The old card must be returned to the Embassy) *** In case of card loss, a police report which specifies the detail of “the loss of Thai ID card” is required.
  3. A Belgian/Luxembourgish residence card/ ID card+ a copy
  4. A copy of Thai passport ( or other Identity documents issued by the Thai authority that has a picture of the holder such as a driving license)
  5. (If applicable) A copy of Thai Marriage certificate ( in case of marriage in Thailand) or a Family Registration document (Kor.Ror 22/ค.ร.22) in case of marriage abroad
  6. (If applicable) A copy of Thai Death Certificate of spouse
  7. Fee:
    • free of charge in the case of card expiry, validity less than 60 days, and change in information on the card
    • 5 euros in the case of card loss

*If the card has not yet expired, applicants may renew an ID card only within the period of  60 days before the card expiry.

**However, the Embassy cannot renew or issue the card in the cases as follows:

  1. The first card request
  2. Those whose name is registered in the Central House Registration
  3. Those who have not been issued a 13-digit ID number
  4. Those whose information is not found or is conflicting the database of the Ministry of Interior
  5. Those who wish to change details such as title, name, or surname that does not correspond to the current database of the Ministry of Interior

Those who fall into the abovementioned cases are kindly asked to contact the Thai Embassy and the District Office in Thailand for more information and for the card issuance.