Entry measures for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated non-Thai travellers
Information for Belgian and Luxembourgish nationals intending to marry in Thailand

Thai documents to be used in Belgium and Luxembourg

Procedure for Thai documents to be used in Belgium/Luxembourg

Documents issued in Thailand or by the Thai authority may need certifying “True copy” and legalisation before being used abroad.

  1. Request documents or a copy of documents such as Birth Certificate, Attestation of Birth, Marriage certificate, Divorce Certificate, or Child Custody (Por.Kor.14) at the District Office/ the concerned authority
  2. Bring the document to legalise at the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand ( click here for more information  and click here to see the office where legalisation service is offered)
  3. Contact the Belgian/Luxembourgish Embassy regarding document legalisation  which may include translation by the  translator/ translation office certified/recognised by the Embassy. The translation may be in Dutch, French, German, or English, depending on the requirement of the local authority in Belgium/Luxembourg. However, some documents can be requested in English at the District office in Thailand.(Click here to see more details)
  4. Bring the document to legalise at the Belgian/Luxembourgish Embassy
  5. Send/ present the document at the local authority in Belgium/Luxembourg ( Some Belgian/Luxembourgish Administrative authorities may anew require a translation by the sworn translation registered in Belgium/Luxembourg. If the legalisation by the Thai Embassy is further required, applicants may request it at the Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels- See information below)

***If this procedure cannot be done in person, Thai-national applicants may request a power of attorney at the Thai Embassy to authorise a person/people in Thailand to do so (Please see more information on https://www.thaiembassy.be/2021/08/24/power-of-attorney/?lang=en. ( For non-Thai nationals, please see https://www.thaiembassy.be/2022/02/11/non-thais-signature-certification/)

Legalisation of documents legalised by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Consul at the Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels will certify the signature of the Thai MFA officer

  1. A legalisation application form  indicating the number of documents
  2. Original documents legalised by the Thai MFA
  3. An exact copy of the original documents (both pages)
  4. Fee: 15 euros per document

Remark: No postal service

Processing time: 3-7 working days