Visa Exemption Scheme
How to apply for E-visa

Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa

Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa

Application process

1.  Submission of “the qualification endorsement letter” application on the BOI’s website

Register and submit online an application for qualification endorsement for LTR Visa and supporting documents on .

Please see the list of required supporting documents .

2. Qualifications Endorsement

Within 20-30 working days after having received complete documents, applicants will be notified of the result.

3. Visa Application and Issuance

Qualified applicants may proceed with applying for LTR Visa issuance at the Royal Thai Embassies/the Royal Thai Consulate Generals overseas ( on ) or Immigration offices in Thailand within 60 days from the issuance date of the endorsement letter. The processing fee for the 10-year visa with multiple entry is 50,000 Baht per person in case of collecting LTR Visa in Thailand. In the case of collecting LTR Visa at the Royal Thai Embassies/the Royal Thai Consulate Generals overseas or E-visa, fee may vary depending on the currency exchange rate of each country. Visa fee is 1750 euros. Once payment has been made, the application processing fee CANNOT BE REFUNDED in any cases.

4. Digital Work Permit Issuance

Applicants who work in Thailand, may collect digital work permits at the Department of Employment at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit, Chamchuri Square Building, Bangkok or provincial labour offices. The processing fee is 3,000 Baht per year to maintain digital work permit.

***Please see for more information

Click here to download LTR visa brochure 

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties during LTR application, please email: or contact Ms. Saithip at (+66)22091147 and Mr. Attapol at (+66)22091141.

Visa application must be submitted on by selecting one of the following purposes of stay that corresponds to your eligibility 

LTR (W) “Wealthy individuals holding at least USD 1 million in assets” – Wealthy Global Citizen

LTR (P) “Retirees aged 50 years and older who have an annual pension or stable income” – Wealthy Pensioner

LTR (T) “Remote workers working for well-established overseas companies” – Work-from-Thailand Professional

LTR (H) “Professionals or experts in targeted industries” – Highly-skilled Professional

LTR (O) “Spouse and children under 20 years old of LTR visa holders ( Maximum 4 dependents in total per one LTR visa holder)” – Spouse and Dependents

Required documents:

1 . Biodata page of Passport or Travel Document 

2 . Photograph *taken within the last six months. If the photograph does not reflect your current appearance you may be refused to enter the Kingdom of Thailand 

3 . Declaration ( Download here) 

4 . Letter of qualification endorsement issued from Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) (valid for only 60 days since the date of issue)

5 . Applicant is required to upload his/her passport pages which contain all travel records for the past 12 months (1 year) since the last international trip. 

6 . Applicant must apply for E-visa via specific Embassy/Consulate conforming with his/her consular jurisdiction and residency. Applicant is required to upload document that can verify his/her current residency. 

  • Applicants may upload a Belgian/Luxemburgish ID card, a certificate of resident, and bills that expressly mention name-surname and address.

7. Please upload your picture holding the photo and information page of the passport.

  • To identify if the applicant’s face is the same person as the passport holder


*** Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary.