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Letter of confirmation for land purchase (Foreign spouse)

Letter of confirmation for land purchase (Foreign spouse)


A Thai national who has a non-Thai spouse ( both De jure and De facto/ registered or unregistered) will have to abide by the regulations of the Department of Land if that person wishes to purchase land in Thailand. In the presence of the authorised officers, both parties must sign a letter, in written, confirming that the money spent on the purchase of land is wholly the personal property (Sin Suan Tua) alone, not the matrimonial property (Sin Son Ros).

*** If the non-Thai spouse is residing aboard and cannot be present to sign the letter in person, that person has to contact the notary, the Embassy, the Consulate, or the authority that is authorised to certify genuine signature.


  1. Non-Thai spouse’s signature certification
  2. Thai spouse’s signature certification
    • Bring the letter in No.1 to sign in the presence of the Land officer if the Thai person can sign in person ,or
    • If the Thai person cannot sign the letter in person, bring the same in No.1 to certify the Thai spouse’s signature at the Royal Thai Embassy by selecting   “Document Services -Letter of confirmation for land purchase (Foreign spouse)”. The Consular Officer will certify the Thai spouse’s signature  and certify the signature of the officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFA) of Belgium/ Luxembourg in the same service (*** The Thai person must sign the document in the presence of the Consular Officer only.)
  3. Required documents
    • 3.1 A Legalisation Application form
    • 3.2 The original letter/document in No.1 that has been signed by the non-Thai spouse and legalised by the Belgian/Luxembourgish Foreign Ministry ( in a sticker/paper version only) and a legalised copy of the non-Thai spouse’s passport (If required)
    • 3.3 Thai spouse’s documents comprising of a copy of ID card and that of passport (If the original letter/document is more than one document, please prepare this additional documents according to the quantity of the original letter)
    • 3.4 An exact copy/ facsimile of no. 3.2 and no. 3.3 (together with a legalisation Application form no. 3.1)
    • Fee: 15 euros per stamp/certification

Processing time: 3-7  working days