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Latest measures for travelling to Thailand (10 January 2023)

Latest measures for travelling to Thailand (Updated 10 January 2023)

From January 9, 2022, COVID-19-related measures will apply to travelers arriving in the Kingdom of Thailand.

  1. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is not required
  2. Passengers arriving from a country or whose final destination is in a country that requires proof of negative PCR results upon arrival are required to provide proof of health insurance covering at least USD 10,000 for the COVID-19 treatment during the entire period of stay in Thailand plus an additional 7 days. Lack of proof of health insurance can not be justified for denial to board the flight. In this case, the traveler can still acquire health insurance upon arrival in Thailand.
    Those who are traveling for business purposes, including aircrews and students, may provide an attestation from the host or another form of insurance which clearly covers such treatments.
  3. Holders of Thai passports and transit/transfer passengers are exempted from health insurance requirements.



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