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THAILAND: Advancing into the Future

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Thailand’s Economic Front in Fighting COVID-19

Thailand has performed well in containing the COVID-19 outbreak and mitigating its impact. Since 27 April 2020, the number of new COVID-19 cases has increased only […]

Thailand’s Ungowned and Unsung Heroes Play Significant Roles in Battling COVID-19

Thailand’s success in containing the spread of COVID-19 has been attributed to many features found in many other countries, such as a robust healthcare system and active public cooperation. But […]

Treatment of monkeys in Thailand

Wildlife conservation and animal welfare is an important issue in Thailand. The Royal Thai Government, NGOs, and private individuals have worked together to improve animal welfare […]

DOF Press Release: Thai and International Agencies Joined Force to Arrest an IUU vessel

During the night of 13 September 2019, a fish carrier vessel named “Uthaiwan” was seized and put under arrest in Thai waters on the coast of […]