Types of Visas

From 22 November 2021 onwards, Belgian and Luxembourgish residents wishing to request a Thai visa must apply for their visa only via the E-Visa system: https://www.thaievisa.go.th/

The Embassy does not accept applications submitted at the Embassy or by mail in any case.

The E-visa process can take up to approximately 3-4 WEEKS, depending on the type of your visa and the completeness of your documents.

In the case that applicants do not submit the additional documents requested by the Embassy within 30 days from the date of submission, the applications will be canceled without prior notice.

The application processing fee will NOT be refunded.


Travelers who intend to spend more than 30 days in Thailand MUST obtain their visa prior to their arrival in the Kingdom.

Any pending visa applications from foreign nationals currently in Thailand will be automatically rejected.

The application will be processed only for those applying from Belgium and Luxembourg. Applications from outside Belgium or Luxembourg will be rejected.


Ordinary passport/ Recognised travel documents

Visa exemption scheme (Click)

Visa on arrival (VOA) (Click)

Tourist Visa

Transit Visa

Non-Immigrant Visas

Two options for Tourists from Belgium/Luxembourg who wish to visit Thailand.

 Holders of Travel documents issued by the Belgian government

is NOT entitled to enter Thailand under the Visa Exemption scheme.


Application fee

Period of stay

Extension allowed

Tourist Visa exemption

30 days

Tourist Visa with single entry (TR)

40 EUR


Can be extended for another 30 days at the Immigration offices in Thailand.

Remark : information is subject to change without prior notice.