Visa Service


           From 22 November 2021 onwards, Belgian and Luxembourgish residents wishing to request a Thai visa must apply for their visa only via the E-Visa system ( The Embassy does not accept applications submitted at the Embassy or by mail in any case. The E-visa process can take up to approximately 3-4 WEEKS, depending on the type of your visa and the completeness of your documents.

** Except for “certain countries” which can take up to 4-6 weeks

The Embassy does not have the policy to indicate or predict the date of visa issuance on a one-on-one basis or , by email, or phone call. Please use the tracking option available on the website.

E-visa will be automatically sent to a registered email or can be downloaded on the application platform once it has been issued. Granted visa will be a stickerless E-visa which DOES NOT require passport submission and the applicant’s presence at the Embassy. E-visa can be printed from the email or E-visa system and presented to the airline officer or the Immigration Officer.


Remark : information is subject to change without prior notice.