Visa Service


           From 22 November 2021 onwards, applicants must apply for their visa via the E-Visa system ( E-visa process can take up to proximately 3-4 WEEKS, depending on the type of your visa and the completeness of your documents. The Embassy does not have the policy to indicate or predict the date of visa issuance on a one-on-one basis or , by email, or phone call. Please use the tracking option available on the website.

The procedure may take longer for certain nationalities. Please see: Visa requirements for certain countries

***Belgian and Luxembourgish passport holders are eligible to travel to Thailand without visa and stay no more than 30 days under the visa exemption scheme. Please read in General Information.

How to apply  for E-visa


  • All applicants must first read Thai visa information in General Information  and Visa requirements for certain countries
  • Next, click to see  user’s manual or  video user’s manual
    • To apply for E-visa on, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended. Safari might not function well on the website.
  • Please upload all required documents of your visa according to the lists below, despite insufficient document sections provided on   The Embassy is in the process of requesting additional sections from the Thai e-visa web developer, which may take some time. In the meantime, you may upload the rest of the required documents where deemed appropriate or in the same section as other documents. It is important to upload all required documents in order for your application to be processed in a timely manner.


Ordinary passport/ Recognised travel documents

Official Passport/ Service Passport/ UN laissez-passer (Blue cover)

***EU laissez-passer has not yet been recognised by the Thai Government.

Diplomatic Passport/ UN laissez-passer (Red cover)



    • *** Once the application is submitted, you CANNOT EDIT ANY DETAILS on your application. Please ensure that all of your information is inserted correctly, especially your First name – surname (family name), date of birth as indicated on your passport.  Your application may be rejected due to the wrong information.
    • Once payment has been made, the application processing fee CANNOT BE REFUNDED if the application is cancelled or rejected.
    • Number of entries will be granted as deemed appropriate. In case of a request to be granted Multiple entries, the applicant must be able to provide evidence of travels to Thailand on a regular basis (the fee difference CANNOT BE REFUNDED)
      • Applicants for Non-immigrant Business (to work in Thailand) visa can only apply for a single entry. Re-entry permit must be requested at the Immigration Bureau

Please check the visa fees here

Revised Fees for Consular Services effective on 1 July 2019